1 in 5 drops out due to menstrual problem

menstrual problem

At least 1 in 5 girl students in India drops out of school due to menstrual problems. About 300 million women do not have access to safe and hygienic sanitary pads, according to reports.

A resident of Coimbatore in a quest to provide safe and affordable sanitary pads invests more than 5 years to create pads that are 50 per cent cheaper than other brands.

It all started when Arunachalam Muruganantham, a Coimbatore resident, in his early days of marriage saw his wife Shanti carrying something behind her. The purpose, he says, was to hide that from him. When he questioned about what she was hiding, Shanti shied away saying it was none of his business. This made him more curious to know what she was hiding, and one fine day, he says, he found out a nasty rag cloth with a few blood stains.

It was then Arunachalam realised that his wife was practicing unhygienic method to deal with her periods. Despite the size of the problem, he wanted to help her. He then decides to make affordable sanitary pads with which he wants to impress her.

Without wasting any time, Arunachalam started his research on making safe sanitary pads. In the process, his wife, vexed up with his research, left him. Neighbours thought he was a pervert. Nothing stopped him, he went to continue his work secretly.

It took him 2 years to find the right material. In four and half years, he made three machines what a million dollar plants are making. With these, anybody can make world-class sanitary pads and this has been generating employment.

Now, 877 brands are making his pads in 27 States. Arunachalam, now popularly known as India’s Menstruation Man, machines are imported to 17 countries. Shanti got back to him after 5 years.

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