Students caught mass cheating again

mass copyting

In yet another shameful incident in India, students were caught on camera passing on notes and seeking help from each other in the presence of invigilators during school board exams. This incident took place in a Mathura school where students were giving UP Board examinations on Tuesday. Moreover, friends and relatives were also seen passing on chits from windows and everywhere possible to students.

In a national daily, it has been reported that more than 70 students and teachers have been booked for the same. A video with regard to mass cheating has gone viral on social media.
In 2015, in a similar case, students smuggled in textbooks and notes into the examination hall in Bihar. During this time, parents and friends of the examinees scaled the examination centres to pass on chits. This news has made headlines internationally. However, after it came to light, about 426 students were expelled.

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